W3Schools Certification for Caliber Web Group

Certified Experience

Industry Certifications held by the Caliber Web Group Team include multiple W3School Web Industry certifications for Web Development. For clients, that means a lower risk of engagement. Combined with many years of professional experience, partnering with us offers our clients a competitive advantage.

Certified Agile Software Project Management: The Caliber Web Group Team holds the Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster Certification for Agile Project Management. For clients, that means we know how to run not just generic projects, but specifically software projects done by software developers in an efficient way that can significantly improve outcomes.


Ramp Up Free: Technical 101 Learning Series for Executives

Leveraging technology successfully is not easy. Our Technical 101 Learning Series is a resource we're creating so executives, who commonly have been busy moving mountains in the business arena can get a better understanding of internet and other technologies commonly used in the business setting. While the series is focused on our areas of expertise, we also list other existing resources so as to cover a wider range of topics.

We believe that executives and other business personnel who make the effort to learn core technical concepts will leverage more opportunities, make better decisions, make fewer mistakes and ultimately lead more successful technical projects.

We are under way on our series. We will post the series on our dedicated YouTube channel. Please check back soon.